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Our inaugural season, part funded by Arts Council England, allows us to create a variety of different performances for local Nottingham and online audiences to fully experience all that our venue deep under Nottingham City Centre has to offer

Tickets for our first two events are on sale now!


What Really Happened To Vine?

26th September 2022

A found footage, digital theatre production looking at conspiracy theories concerning why the video sharing platform Vine

had to be shut down

Medusa: Reloaded

30th September - 1st October


A gig-theatre show, written by Nicki Morley, that brings the mythology about Medusa and the Gorgons into the 21st century 



An interactive horror theatre experience where you play the designers of a new escape room surveying  an underground cave as a potential location for your next experience, regardless of the horror that lurks within

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

A Christmas immersive horror experience where you have to remove yourself from Santa's Naughty List, no matter the cost

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