Performances, exhibitions, and events for Puncture The Screen

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The Next Best Thing
by Emily Holyoake
Released July 29th, 12:00

An interactive visual novel exploring how we make choices and the costs of technology.

Access: Captions // Audio Description


Introduction to Digital Theatre
by Kill The Cat Theatre
Released July 29th, 14:00

Join Kill The Cat as they challenge you to view ‘digital theatre’ as an equally exciting medium to traditional 'in-person theatre' and explain how to use interactivity to overcome limitations in the digital form.

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Introduction to animating
by Edalia Day
Released July 29th, 14:00

Join Edalia as she leads you step by step through the basic principles of hand drawn animation including the best apps to use in this snappy video tutorial.

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Augmented Art
by Tom Shennan
Released July 29th, 16:00

Short films on identity and neurodiversity created in collaboration with a state-of-the-art AI.

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Working with Isadora
by Imitating The Dog
Live July 29th, 18:00

A workshop on using cameras and image manipulation to create a live graphic novel, and exploring the uses of Isadora as a software to bridge the gap between live and digital spaces.

Access: Live Captions (Otter.ai)

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Larkhall: A duet for piano and live visuals
by Larkhall
Live July 29th, 20:00

🎹 Piano, visual art and technology collide in this moving, cinematic performance.

Access: Audio Description // Written Descriptions of the Music

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The Ashes World Tour
by Naomi Westerman & Little but Fierce
Released July 30th, 12:00

An exploration of grief and memory, as a woman scatters her mother's ashes across the world.

Access: Captions // BSL


Introduction to Creative Captioning using Isadora
by Tim Kelly
Released June 30th, 14:00

Join Tim Kelly as he teaches you how to create an adaptable captioning engine for live performance. You'll learn how to recall captions from a database and apply dynamic attributes like position, font, colour, size and other effects

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Displacement Native
by Michael-Jon Mizra
Released July 30th, 16:00

Michael-Jon Mizra reflects on Syria. He maps the years of conflict into an audio-visual tribute.

Access: Audio Description // Written Description of the Soundscape

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Creative Infinity:
How digital will the future be?
Live July 29th, 18:00

What does the world moving online mean for our artistic dreams? An interactive panel discussion with three digital artists and producers to imagine the role digital practice has in our future creativity.

Access: BSL // Live Captions (Otter.ai)


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Live July 30th, 19:00

A durational live-streamed performance piece about regret, loneliness and the things we never had a chance to say.

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