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by Chronic Insanity is an interactive digital theatre experience, adapting the story of Pinocchio for the internet age and using it to reflect on the power and influence that tech companies have in our lives.

The audience finds themselves at their new job, a User Experience Tester for Stromboli, the world’s most exciting internet company. After initiation, you are shown a top-secret research project and asked to deliver a series of tests. However, things are not as they seem. As the tests progress you begin to uncover more about what the company is really testing for, having to decide whether you want to help them achieve their goals or whether you want to sabotage them while you have the chance.

Utilising choose-your-own-adventure and free motion video formats, is an experience that examines misinformation, the ethics of tech companies, the rights of artificial intelligences, and the ability for an individual to make meaningful change in the world.

Praise for previous work:

★★★★ “Astounding” - A Younger Theatre on Myles Away

★★★★ “Riveting, touching, and fully immersive” - Broadway World on Conduit

★★★★ “Spectacular” - The Upcoming on 24, 23, 22

★★★★ “The future of art and performance” - Pocket Size Theatre on Flavour Text

“Critic’s Top Pick” - The i on 52 Souls

“Highlight of VAULT Festival 2020” - Lyn Gardner on Glitch

“Perfected the art of theatre through virtual reality” - The Stage

Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham based company that creates theatre for traditional, found, and digital spaces. We seek to redefine theatre by playing with form, genre, medium, and technology. We are halfway through our second 12 shows in 12 months project, with being our 9th show in 2021.

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