Puncture The Screen will be a place for creators and audiences alike to come together and experience the forefront of innovative, data driven, digital art and performance

The festival will have multiple different digital works on offer to experience, as well as workshops, how-to videos, and panel discussions to allow anyone to start making data driven, digital art and performance, even if they've never tried to before

Work commissioned for the festival includes:

The Next Best Thing

by Emily Holyoake

Measuring the audience’s personality to create personalised routes through a dystopian story,

The Next Best Thing is an interactive visual novel about finding your place in a confusing world.

message not sent


One question, numerous answers: “What’s the one thing you regret never having told

someone?” message not sent is a durational streamed performance about regret, loneliness,

and the things we never had a chance to say.

The Ashes World Tour

by Naomi Westerman/Little but Fierce

A multi-modal digital art project, The Ashes World Tour, combines digital data with audio-visual

content, and written text from an award-winning playwright, to explore themes of death, grief,

gender-based death rates, communal grieving rituals worldwide, and the importance of


Larkhall: A duet for piano and live visuals

by Larkhall

The performance sees algorithms react in real-time to live piano compositions, creating vivid

imagery unique to every performance. Witness art that listens, and then paints itself alongside

beautiful music.

Augmented Art

by Tom Shennan

Blurring the lines between the artist’s and AI’s intentions, Augmented Art, uses a disinterested

AI as a collaborator in the process of creating intensely personal videos exploring identity and


Displacement Native

by Michael-Jon Mizra

The performance finds innovative ways to represent data concerning the migrant crisis and

demonisation of Islam, using it to degrade and contort audio and visual works.


Our headline workshop will be led by technology driven theatre pioneers Imitating The Dog.

Check back soon for further announcements