Performances, exhibitions, and events for Puncture The Screen

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Interdimensional Phishing Scam
by Jamie Drew and Joe Strickland

Interdimensional Phishing Scam is an interactive audio experience where you receive a phone call about some PPI compensation that pulls you through a series of different call centres from parallel universes in a randomly generated show full of surreal comedy and unforeseen consequences.


Who We Are and Where We Come From
by Megan Gates

The British Museum wants you to create an exhibition. You’re in charge of what gets displayed, hidden or sent home. But history is never simple and the museum is a business. The exhibition must be full, sponsors won’t like losing artefacts and the public are getting stirred up. Will you create a truly British exhibition, or bend to the pressures of history?

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Keep The Lights On
by Kill The Cat

A live hybrid interactive piece exploring the environmental cost of the internet, where the online & in-person audiences fight for control.

The online audience controls the show’s electricity supply, whilst the in-person audience battle to keep the lights on or experience the show entirely in darkness.

Created by the award winning Kill The Cat Theatre “One of a few companies [who] make strong cases for theatre in its digital form” The New York Times

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Sky Above The Scene
by Hannah Whittaker

In a time of borders being strengthened and unions being separated, this large-scale immersive video installation aims to focus attention on and increase appreciation of what unites us - our coexistence under one, borderless sky.

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The idea is to keep you inside
By Kazia Cannon

1 in 3 women are subject to physical or sexual violence within their life time…The idea is to keep you inside.

The piece transforms an everyday public space to a place of reflection about women’s safety while walking. The piece is designed to confront your bias about women and women’s safety.

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Goddard Solutions
by Thomas Florence

An interactive experience about "borrowing" personal data.

We are Goddard Solutions Private Detectives, we provide a very niche form of private detection. We see it as the keyhole surgery of Detective work, instead of the dated methods of following cars and stealing mail, we do one thing and we do it well. Access (we can’t say how for plausible deniability) the target’s computer, spy on their files, accounts, and activity and write a dossier for the client about their personality, desires, and their notion of self. This is your new job.


by Chromatic Creative

Love is a splendid thing. It’s apparently all we need. So for the next eight hours, Cupid will collect your love. Share your experiences of love with Cupid as they create a digital collage of experiences, images and stories of love over six hours. As you contribute yours, Cupid dives into their stories of past, present and future creating a digital art piece capturing love in a moment.

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just calling to say
by Ella Wright

Whenever we missed a call from my grandmother, she would always leave a voicemail. She passed away in 2021, and we discovered that every one of her voicemails had been automatically saved to our landline phone. Playing them, it was almost like she was back with us. Like she had just called to say hello again.

JUST CALLING TO SAY is a collation of unstaged voicemails, exploring what we say in those messages we leave, why we leave them, and why you should never be too busy to pick up the phone.


Hold What You Love
by Lauren La Rose

A live performance experimenting with how to radically archive the stories we never tell. 

Based on technology that served as precursors to early computer programming, this work investigates historical connections between technology, Disability and Racial Justice. By using audience participation, punch cards and programmable music boxes to compose melodies of noise.

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Graphic Nature 

Graphic Nature bares all. Exposes the internets obsession with women’s bodies, from the manosphere, to revenge porn and proanorexia P.A.Bitez examines how HTML has exaceserated the ways in which women can be humiliated. Following one girl, played by Bitez and her revelation algorithms are coded to scruitinise women. A surreal voyage into the underbelly of the internet, were eyes are currency. Bitez highlights how the virtual is modifying reality.


by Rachel Parry

Weird and wonky web-based, interactive clickable experience, using the artists’ personal data from their project “MALFUNCTIONING PERFECTLY” Rachel Parry and Creative Technologist Rachel Smith have been teaching the A.I bots about liveness from a Neurodivergent/disabled point-of-view. Resulting in a playful but often disastrous choice-driven uncanny experience that devolves into chaos.