Upcoming Performances

Myles Away by Tennexa Freeman and Joe Strickland

27th July - 2nd August 2020

Directed by Schereeya Reed and Joe Strickland

Myles Away follows the founder of a tech company who gets laid off just before their annual product launch. The eyes of the industry are on the company's flagship Virtual Reality product, but will they want all the attention on them once Myles has finished interfering with their event. 

Using multiple synchronised video feeds and interactive audience elements, this performance looks at the relationship between capitalism and discrimination in the tech industry and asks what we as consumers are willing to turn a blind eye to, in order to have a slightly easier life and whether our benefits are worth someone else’s loss.

The performance includes an accompanying VR experience.

52 Souls by Nat Henderson and Joe Strickland

24th - 30th August 2020

Directed by Megan Gates, Nat Henderson, and Joe Strickland

"Humanity has both a morbid curiosity and an instinctual repulsion when it comes to death. For the next 50 minutes we'll find out which is stronger."

Even though it's something we will all go through, death is one of the least understood parts of the human experience, so Chronic Insanity has decided to dive into the deep end. 52 Souls is an open and fun examination of death and our reactions to this terrifying inevitability. Using a pack of cards, the audience randomly generates a series of performances to better understand humanity's obsession with, and ignorance about, death.

Pull by Emily Holyoake

Postponed until further notice

Malt Cross, Nottingham

Directed by Joe Strickland

Dramaturgical support from Nat Henderson

Pull is a YA play exploring friendship, cycles of recovery, and trichotillomania. 

Ash and Jaz have been best friends since they can remember, and Ash knows she can only trust Jaz to keep her secret – that ever since she was little, she’s pulled out her own hair. She doesn’t talk to anyone else about it, and she spends hours every day trying to cover it up. So when Ash’s trichotillomania is suddenly the talk of their school, she knows there’s only one person to blame.


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