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Opening script submissions

Calling all playwrights, authors, poets or anyone who ever fancied themselves a writer! As we are doing #12shows12months, we realised it would be a) idiotic andb) slightly selfish to do all those productions ourselves. We want to provide an opportunity for writers to have a piece of their writing, be it a traditional three act play or an experimental exploration of a niche art form, supported, facilitated and eventually presented as a production that will run in March 2020 in Nottingham.

The winner of this competition will have the opportunity to develop their writing with Chronic Insanity - we will work with you to provide a space, a cast and a creative team for your piece. The winner will also have the opportunity to workshop and develop their writing in scratch nights throughout the year. By entering this competition you will receive feedback for your piece of writing.

You will retain all performance rights for your own work and, though we are a new and small theatre company, we will aim for some form of payment or, at the very least, a favourable profit share for the winning playwright.

So write away, please send all script submissions to along with your name and location! Your deadline is 23:59 on Monday 30th September 2019. We accept all abilities and subject matter. Best of luck!

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